Pamoja: We believe that long-term solutions must have local participation and ownership. As we take on challenges facing Kenyan school system, we work together with parents, students, schools, and the local government to restore schools in innovative ways.


Our Priorities

1. Scholarships

Inspire Spaces currently provides 57 scholarships which cover for full year of school. Without scholarships these students could not attend secondary school. Students are selected through a transparent process with recommendation from their local school, a faith leader and a local official.

2. Student Leadership & Mentoring Camp

Leadership Camps provide students enriching opportunities with role models and mentors both from the Kenya and the US. Our leaders & volunteers bring a global and national experience on a variety of topics. We focus on each student; their dreams and passion. We are committed to serve all students regardless of religion, tribe and gender. The first leadership was held in 2015.

3. School Improvement

A safe learning environment is essential to get a quality education. Inspire Spaces engages in projects that improve the physical conditions of schools. This includes projects such as building desks, painting, or other improvements. The scale of projects will increase as funding allows. A basic principle of these projects is always to engage students and the community.







Inspire Spaces: Inspire Students

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