Imagine over 1 million children of school age not in school, at home, on the farm as domestic workers or at the market place on street corners. Their dreams to become doctors, lawyers, pilots, teachers, or engineers are differed.


Our Vision

We envision a future where students will pursue basic quality education in creative environments that will pave the way for active citizenship and a broad imagination. We want to challenge the status quo by restoring public primary schools, inspiring creativity and strengthening hope in education. We believe we can birth a new energy in schools and in the community at large.



Free Primary Education (FPE), was introduced by the Government of Kenya in 2003. Primary school enrollment increased from 61.7% in 2002 to 74.17% in 2003. By 2009 the net enrollment rate had reached 82.7%. (Brookings Institute). Unfortunately, this growth in student enrollment was not accompanied by new classrooms or more teachers but little or no funding to upgrade the facilities, overcrowding in classrooms, and low morale among the understaffed and underpaid teachers. The few financially able parents moved their kids to low-cost private schools leaving mostly students from very poor families and orphans to compete for desk space in public schools. Fred frequently traveled to Kenya and Ethiopia and after consecutive trips over the years to small communities in Kenya, speaking in classrooms and conversations with students and teachers, it became clear that there was a cry for help and change.


2012 - PRESENT

Our History


Fred met with the Principal and other senior teachers at his alma mater, Kibwezi Township Primary to listen to the needs and struggles of the school. Without a clear mandate, the leadership asked for help with a laundry list of concerns.

MAY 2014

Fred traveled to Kenya and met with leaders from four Primary and Secondary schools and listen to the challenges and successes around basic education.


First Leadership Retreat was held in Nairobi, Kenya. 27 new students attended, joined by 18 various youth leaders from Kenya and abroad.


10 new students were added to the scholarship program and a total of 20 scholarship were granted. 14 girls and 6 boys.

Inspire Spaces: Inspire Students

Local dreams with exponential reach. The courage to seek change.