joan Kimani
programs officer

As a student leader through her entire education background, Joan has always had a heart for leadership. Leading as a camp facilitator has allowed for her to engage with youth in different environments and created room for outside the box activities and ways of thinking.

She served in this capacity at SAMBICA summer camp in Seattle and as a facilitator at Camp Winning ways.

Joan is a graduate of Kenyatta University with a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and management. She is currently a movement day scholar 2021 Africa Cohort. In 2017 she was selected a 3-year leadership program LEAP (Learn, Experience, Apply Program) where she served as a leader in the youth and worship ministry and had experiential exchange opportunities at CJO In Oranienburg Germany and Hope church Memphis Tennessee. She has organized different worship experiences in the past at Parklands Baptist church including a women’s night of worship under a ministry – Passionate Pursuit which she began in 2018.

She has previously worked at Serena Hotel, The Art House and Parklands Baptist Church. In her spare time, she loves writing and started a blog called Dear Elizabeth that uses the relationship of Mary and Elizabeth in the bible as a template for a sisterhood. It is targeted to young women with an intent to inspire them with spiritual wisdom and life lessons.