• I want to Be A...


    Quality education paves the way for these dreams and Inspire [Spaces: Students] wants to partner with schools in Kenya to give flight to these dreams.

    Our Story
  • I want to Be A...


    We envision a future where students will pursue quality education in creative environments that will pave the way for active citizenship and a broad imagination.

    Our Approach

We are on a mission to provide the most vulnerable students in Kenya with access to education, an opportunity to pursue their dreams. A special emphasis is on orphans and girls.


Inspire Spaces: 1 in 4 primary students graduate enrolled in seconday schools

Without education and good leadership, the cycles of poverty, crime, corruption, and injustice continues.


Inspire Spaces: High Costs for Students in Kenya


We provide education scholarships that provide everything a child needs for a full year of school. Primary school in Kenya is free, but secondary school (grades 9-12) is not. Without scholarships these students could not attend secondary schools.

Leadership & Mentoring Programs

Our signature program to invest in the next generation of leaders. We provide enrichment opportunities that would expose students to developing their unique capacities and discovering their mission.

Education Infrastructure

Poor and insufficient school infrastructure negatively impacts student learning and outcomes. Brookings Center for Universal Education estimates that 61 million African children will reach adolescence lacking even the most basic literacy and numeracy skills.

Inspire Spaces: Inspire Students

Leadership, Love, Service, Faith and Hope