Mima’s Story

Mima’s Story April, 2022 Inspire Spaces organization was a light at the end of a dark tunnel for me. I was a young girl, 14yrs old, and I had just completed my primary school education with a pocket full of dreams but no fathomable way to make these dreams a reality. My name is Esther […]

Our resident Priest

Our resident Priest January , 2022 “I did what I saw was good”. These were the words spoken by Joseph Mwendwa’s stepfather, given as the reason for committing the (heinous) act that Joseph now describes as having changed the trajectory of his life forever.  Growing up in Kibwezi, a craggy semi-arid town located towards the […]

Caro Kivyatu’s Story

Caroline Kivyatu’s Story April , 2021 In 2015 when the first cohort of students joined our scholarship program, most were too timid to say anything beyond their name. However right now, the students have grown to become these admirable adults who are taking up spaces and changing narratives. One of those students is Caroline Kivyatu; […]