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Inspire Spaces in line with its vision and mission; through its programs will endeavor to appreciate Kenyan roots, the blessing of humility in simplicity, the conviction of scaling heights in every opportunity with the resilience to finish strong and build as a point of reference for the impact realized.

Kilele workshop

The workshop will inspire students to get to the top of their purpose by identifying challenges ahead and navigating obstacles, developing strategies to win and exposing them to volunteer, attachments, and Internship opportunities at Inspire Spaces and beyond.

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Kilele represents Peak, Summit, Top or climax
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Miale lEadership

The program will prepare participants to embrace positions of influence to bring change and impact through understanding their capacity to lead, identifying gaps in their surroundings, incorporating others to develop and implement a vision and measuring, celebrating, and sustaining success.

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Miale represents sun rays symbolic of a new dawn
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Kwea challenge

This will be an experiential (hiking) and exchange (Travel) challenge that exposes them to unfamiliar and challenging environments to develop grit and a global mindset through: Commitment to flexibility and change, Disciplines to adapt and be agile and Endurance to finish the course.

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Kwea represents climbing, mount up or hike
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The outreach will give an opportunity to serve greater communities for both local and international partners through: rebuilding or building schools and homes and the Inspire Spaces Centers.

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Jenga represents building
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Provide Opportunities with Us

“Be practical as well as generous in your ideals. Keep your eyes on the stars, but remember to keep your feet on the ground.”
Theodore Roosevelt

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Mima’s Story

Mima’s Story April, 2022 Inspire Spaces organization was a light at the end of